Why You Should Choose a Licensed Court Reporter

Hello. I’m Jeri Kusar, Founder & CEO of Kusar Court Reporters. For nearly 40 years Kusar has been covering your cases with stenographic court reporters and providing litigation support services and solutions.

Why you should choose a licensed court reporter?

In our state, certified shorthand reporters – commonly referred to as court reporters – are licensed by the Court Reporters Board of California, the CRB. To be licensed, a court reporter must demonstrate competency. Using a licensed court reporter is a smart investment to help ensure you receive accurate, timely, and competent transcription services.

Here’s Why:

You’ve only got one chance to capture the legal record word-for-word. Licensed reporters are trained & empowered to ask participants to repeat words, to speak up when necessary, and to clarify technical terms.

Licensed reporters must pass a 3-part exam and complete hundreds of hours of training in English, legal, and medical terminology, and transcription preparation, plus a minimum of 60 internship hours.

Only certified transcripts created by a licensed court reporter are guaranteed to be accepted in court.

For appeals, the accuracy of transcripts taken during the original proceedings is critical and may impact the ability of your appeals to move forward.

If you have a problem or disagreement with a licensed court reporter, you can file a complaint with CRB to investigate on your behalf and to ensure the law is followed.

Your clients picked you because they trust you. Our clients pick us because “Keeping Your Word is Our Business.”


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