Tips Choosing Court Reporting Agency

Tips For Choosing A Court Reporting Agency

Tips Choosing Court Reporting Agency

Tips For Choosing A Court Reporting Agency

Choosing a court reporting agency is one of the most important business decisions a law firm will need to make. Court reporters are responsible for transcribing testimony in depositions and hearings, which is a critical step in the legal process. It is vital to find an agency with a team of seasoned professional court reporters who are capable of meeting the specific needs of the law firm. At Kusar Court Reporting, our team is prepared to provide court reporting in all of the most common areas of litigation, with a tailor-made approach specific to each client. Contact us today at 800-282-3376 to discuss your law firm’s court reporting needs.

Hiring Standards for Court Reporters

An effective court reporting agency relies on a team of experienced, qualified, and consistently professional court reporters. When shopping around for a new court reporting agency for a law firm, the hiring standards of the agency should be one of the most important questions. The law firm needs to trust that its court reporters will be reliable and able to provide all of the services the firm needs.

Court Reporter Certifications

Most states require official certifications for court reporters. A law firm looking for a court reporting agency should make sure to only consider businesses that employ court reporters with the proper certification. Many of the leading court reporting agencies work in all 50 states and have staff members with the appropriate certifications for each state. Some court reporting agencies also have local, state, and federal affiliations with official organizations like the California Court Reporters Association. These organizational affiliations often show that a court reporting agency is credible.

Even in states that do not require court reporter certification, law firms should still consider choosing a court reporting agency that only employs certified reporters. A certification shows that the reporter is capable of fulfilling all of their duties as a court reporter. Additionally, many of the most reputable agencies only hire certified court reporters, even if there is no state law requiring this qualification.

How Important is Experience?

While there are effective court reporters of all ages, there is value in finding a court reporting firm that has several reporters with decades of experience. More experienced court reporters understand how to handle the nuances of specific types of litigation. However, young court reporters who are well-trained and certified can be just as capable. At Kusar Court Reporting, our staff of licensed court reporters has an average of 22 years of experience in the field.

What Types of Services Does the Law Firm Need?

A well-rounded court reporting agency offers more services than stenography and transcription. Those looking to start a new professional relationship with a court reporting agency should ask themselves what their law firm needs and seek out an agency that can provide these services.

Stenographic Trial and Deposition Court Reporters

Reliable court reporting agencies have a team of licensed and experienced court reporters who are skilled stenographers capable of quick and accurate transcriptions. Some important features to look for from an agency’s stenographic department include:

  • Ability to cover all court proceedings, including trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, and meetings.
  • Reporters who can provide coverage locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • A quick turnaround for providing clients with transcripts, and expedited transcripts upon request.
  • Providing clients with electronic access to transcripts through a personal website login.
  • Willing to provide rough drafts if requested.
  • Capable of meeting both in-person and remotely.

Real-time Services

  • Modern court reporting agencies make use of technology to offer real-time streaming services to their clients. This helps keep attorneys involved in the process, allowing them to virtually sit in on depositions, hearings, arbitration, and other court proceedings.

    Here are some valuable real-time services to consider looking for in a court reporting agency:

  • Capability for live viewing and annotation of transcripts during testimony.
  • The ability to search, mark, and make notes on transcripts during testimony.
  • Services that can be easily installed and used on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Technological Features

Many court reporting agencies use a variety of modern technologies to operate at maximum efficiency and provide their clients with a user-friendly experience. In many cases, the opposing side in a court case will be making use of these technologies, so it is important to find a court reporting agency prepared to do the same.

Some common forms of technology used by court reporting agencies today include:

  • Cutting edge audio and video equipment for recording court proceedings
  • Electronic transcripts with embedded hyperlink exhibits
  • Online catalogs of transcripts, exhibits, and videos, which are accessible by clients
  • Video conferences and picture-in-picture capabilities
  • Use of touch screen devices for annotation during testimony

Additionally, effective court reporting agencies constantly reevaluate their current technology and look to make updates when necessary. In a world where technology in all fields is constantly changing, complacency is one of the easiest ways to fall behind the competition.

Does the Agency Work in the Right Field of Law?

When choosing a court reporting agency, law firms should seek out a company with court reporters with expertise in the law firm’s areas of specialization. Many of the most reputable court reporting agencies have diverse and expansive rosters of talented court reporters who specialize in different types of multi-party litigation.

These comprehensive court reporting agencies are often a good choice for law firms that specialize in several different fields of law, as well as specialty firms with a narrower focus. Agencies with large teams are more able to find a court reporter who is a good match for the law firm, with experience in similar types of cases.

Learn More About Choosing a Reliable Court Reporting Agency for Your Law Firm

Law firms in the process of choosing a court reporting agency should take their time and make sure they find an agency that is the right fit for their needs. At Kusar Court Reporting, we are proud of our dedicated team of experienced and licensed court reporters, who are capable of assisting clients in all major types of multiparty litigation. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to medical malpractice, insurance, environmental, toxic tort, pharmaceutical, professional liability, personal injury, employment law, and maritime. Contact us today at 800-282-3376 to learn more about our services and how we can create a custom-made plan for your law firm.

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