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Getting Your Kids Ready as they Head Back to School

Are you ready for your kids to head back to school this month? Experts in adolescent psychology suggest that heading back to school in the wake of the pandemic is likely ...
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Interrupt Lawyer

How to Interrupt Lawyers When They’re on a Roll

The idea of halting lawyers in their tracks during depos when they’re on a roll or speaking at supersonic speed to “save time” can feel be intimidating. But if your goal ...
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New Norm for Depos – In-Person, Remote, or Hybrid?

A recent survey found that 40% of Americans preferred working from home, with 25% looking to return to the office, and another 35% hoping for a home-office hybrid. The Global COVID-19 ...
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Best Practice for Deposition Exhibits

Do you have a protocol in place for preparing and using exhibits in remote depositions? No one imagined the many challenges there would be with handling of exhibits for remote proceedings. Below ...
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