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Why You Should Choose a Licensed Court Reporter

Hello. I’m Jeri Kusar, Founder & CEO of Kusar Legal Services. For nearly 40 years Kusar has been covering your cases with stenographic court reporters and providing litigation ...
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Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2020

Hello all you incredibly talented stenographic reporters. I'm Jeri Kusar, owner of Kusar Legal Services. On behalf of CCRA, myself, and the many independently owned/CSR owned firms, we ...
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Looking for a New Career?

5,500 unfilled job openings by 2018 Imagine a career with a ringside seat to all the action • High-profile criminal trials• The House of Representatives and the Senate• ...
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SoCal Stip

The “SoCal Stip” Practice

Dear Counsel: We would like to share some information regarding the movement among the independent court reporters in Southern California to decline the SoCal Stip: The reporter’s transmission ...
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