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Will Technology Replace Court Reporters? (No!!)

Will Technology Replace Court Reporters? (No!!) There is a pervasive belief that technology is poised to infiltrate and take over nearly every aspect of our lives – rendering many jobs as ...
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PDF Benefits

Benefits Of PDF Transcripts

Benefits Of PDF Transcripts In times past, a court reporter would painfully type depositions and court testimony on a typewriter. Paper transcripts would then be compiled and sent to lawyers, involving ...
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Prepare Notice

How To Prepare A Legal Deposition Notice

How To Prepare A Legal Deposition NoticeDepositions are one of the most important forms of evidence that a lawyer can secure. Depositions allow you to record a party or witness’ testimony ...
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Court reporter shaking hands with an attorney.

Ethics, Integrity, And Court Reporters

Ethics, Integrity, And Court ReportersEvery role in the legal system is governed by its own code of ethics that its members must adhere to. Court reporters are held to a set ...
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