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Court Reporting and Captioning Week

Celebrate Court Reporting and Captioning Week

A MESSAGE FROM JERI Long live Stenographers!Wow, what a change we have all had to endure. We’ve made the transition to remote with grace and style.  I am ...
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Court Reporters at the Capitol

Thank You, Congressional Court Reporters On behalf of the National Court Reporters Association, we would like to thank the Congressional court reporters in both the U.S. House of ...
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Why You Should Choose a Licensed Court Reporter

Hello. I’m Jeri Kusar, Founder & CEO of Kusar Court Reporters. For nearly 40 years Kusar has been covering your cases with stenographic court reporters and providing litigation ...
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Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2020

Hello all you incredibly talented stenographic reporters. I'm Jeri Kusar, owner of Kusar Court Reporters. On behalf of CCRA, myself, and the many independently owned/CSR owned firms, we ...
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