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4 Valuable Insights Court Reporters Want Attorneys To Know

4 Valuable Insights Court Reporters Want Attorneys to Know How you can best support your court reporters to help them produce top-of-the-line transcripts. Although their work is often invisible, court reporters ...
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The Pandemic’s Influence on Jurors – 8 Shifts to Watch For

Has the pandemic affected juror attitudes and perspectives? Research suggests the answer is yes. Read on to learn how the pandemic shifted jury verdicts. As we continue forging through the pandemic, ...
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How to Help Court Reporters During Zoom Depositions

When it comes to Phone and Zoom Depositions, a fair amount can go wrong. ➤ Wifi issues cutting out at critical moments➤ People speaking at the same time so only one ...
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Getting Your Kids Ready as they Head Back to School

Are you ready for your kids to head back to school this month? Experts in adolescent psychology suggest that heading back to school in the wake of the pandemic is likely ...
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