How to Help Court Reporters During Zoom Depositions

When it comes to Phone and Zoom Depositions, a fair amount can go wrong.


Wifi issues cutting out at critical moments

People speaking at the same time so only one voice is transmitted

Technical difficulties with mic and speaker settings – 


All can lead to unintelligible transcripts jam-packed with indecipherable sections.


While we might not be able to solve your wifi issues for you, there are some steps you can take to help your court reporter create a more accurate transcript.


On a Zoom depo, help your court reporter by:

  • Providing contact information; your name, firm name and address, email and phone number, who you represent – just like when doing in-person depos.
  • During admonition, explain the importance of speaking one at a time, so no testimony is lost. Only one person can be heard when more than one person is speaking at the same time. And a reporter can only take down what she hears.
  • Keep your face directed at your computer microphone so your speech remains distinct.
  • If using an interpreter, allow sufficient time for the interpreter to translate your question.
  • Do not let the deponent testify while in an automobile.

 These simple tips will help your court reporter accurately capture who said what, giving you the highest quality transcript possible.

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